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Say So Say So

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the melody, great work man. Sooo groovy ha

Linktrx responds:

Hey thanks man! Im glad you like it :)

Vault 112 Vault 112

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I dig it!

Could you include the lyrics? I like the tune, sweet solo! keep up the good work!

DragonX016 responds:

Thanks! I'm drums on this but I'll tell my guitarist that someone likes his solo lol. I'll get the lyrics up soon. They're saved on my desktop.

-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes -Orr- Larry and the Gnomes

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Disney galore!

This soundtrack reminds me a lot of Kingdom Hearts

DavidOrr responds:

Kingdom Hearts has a really nice soundtrack, thank you!

Rough Draft Demo Reel Rough Draft Demo Reel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nakoruru, this piece, better than Italy.

Your vocabulary prowess is surpassed only by your unfailing grace and the uncommon, sometimes haunting glow of sensuality that surrounds you.

The Fat Joker The Fat Joker

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let me put a cake in that face of yours, hahahahaha genious, just genious

(gaia) va pirate contest (gaia) va pirate contest

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this is brilliant, love it. Your voice acting is great!
"One-Eyed Flesh Cobra"

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rednikaiaG responds:

Yayz vago187----------! ! ! ! !
You came, you came! Thanks for checkin' this out AND leaving me your thoughts, Man. That means a LOT (especially seeing as how I love everything I've heard by you so far - particularly that Church Phone skit, I heard AWHILE back). The Dirty Movie names were a blast to think up. Heh heh heh
----A Scanner COCKly
----DICKstrict 9 and
----G.I. Joe: Rise of the One-Eyed Flesh Cobra
These are ALL masterpieces, you should rent from your local porn shop.

...............Take care, be good and make mock porn flicks.period

Who Do You Think I Am Who Do You Think I Am

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this is genius, I totally get it and this is just brilliant

Wings of a Nation (TimmyDope) Wings of a Nation (TimmyDope)

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I love it

Meadow Man Demo Meadow Man Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love it

Your work is far more exciting than a whale performing oral sex... well... maybe about the same, anyway awesome job man!

GregoryGrub responds:

Thanks. That's um interesting. Kind of hard to picture though. How do whales even have normal sex? WAIT I dont want to know. My brain is has no more room for useless knowledge. Let alone whale porn.

A Voice Acting Demo? A Voice Acting Demo?

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Danny McBride

You sound if not exactly, very very very close to Danny McBride. Even the jokes remind me of him, this is hilarious!

ForNoReason responds:

Wow, thats a huge compliment. Thanks!